Heather B. Sullivan

Website Administrator & Receptionist

Heather has been a part of the Eastview family since April 2008. She previously worked as a Veterinary Technician here for several years before moving into the practice manager position. Prior to working at Eastview Veterinary Clinic, Heather worked at New Mexico Psychiatric Services as a Manager/Receptionist. Her favorite part of her job at Eastview is and improving our clients’ experiences. Heather enjoys that there is never a dull moment at here. She loves interacting with and educating owners. Some of her greatest strengths are implementing new procedures and teaching her skills to others. Heather loves the family feel of her co-workers at Eastview Veterinary Clinic. She hopes to continue improving our clients’ experiences so that we will have the status of “Best in Clarksville”. Heather enjoys spending time with her family outdoors and crocheting. At home she has 2 American bullies, Brutus and Rizzo, an orange cat named Es Que, and two bearded dragons.

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